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Unparalleled Lab Testing and Interpretation

The most comprehensive offering that you’ll find anywhere, bar none. We incorporate any and all your lab tests, past and present, conventional and specialty (functional medicine) to create your own Personalized Health Map, illuminating your customized road to recovery. The most holistic and integrative look at your health you’ll ever experience!

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Customized Treatment Plan

Utilizing your Personalized Health Map, you’ll receive a customized treatment regimen, incorporating your preferences between Rx and non-Rx, more aggressive or less aggressive approaches, specific sequencing of treatment for various conditions, and more.

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Our programs uniquely support you

You’ll be thrilled to discover your mapped path to healing. And we’ll help you every step of the way.


Virtual meetings that are convenient from your own home. Begin right away with no months-long waiting. You’ll get support from a medical team consisting of an MD as well as support staff via a HIPAA secure portal system. And, the best of both worlds, you’ll have individual consultations in combination with group visits: a built-in community for support, validation, and learning (“I found my people”).

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Finally, an affordable solution for the cost of a functional medicine practice! A cutting-edge, expert-level education is delivered to you by some of the most experienced and networked functional medicine practitioners in the country. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan along with integrative diagnostics, all at a fraction of the cost. There’s no comparison elsewhere.

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Gut Health

Between fad diets, leaky gut syndrome, and food allergies (gluten), gut health is a strong focus in the media. We’ll look beyond the typical mainstream concepts, and explain those terms and topics everyone’s talking about with their friends and family, reading about online, and hearing about on podcasts. We’ll talk microbiome, the relationship between your gut and autoimmunity and why gluten matters for everyone. We’ll also explain why you’re not at all unique if you have a leaky gut, and why food allergies really aren’t your problem. Join our Gut Health Module if you’re ready to find true healing with your IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, bloating, and seeming food intolerances!

Brain Health

If you’re experiencing “brain fog” since COVID, or are concerned about memory loss, you’re not alone. Neurodegenerative symptoms are often listed as some of the most feared among patients. Uncover the root causes of your brain health condition in our program. We’ll delve into mental health topics, such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD and explain how our physical health can affect our brain function. We’ll also explore topics ranging from Alzheimer’s to autoimmunity, concussions to COVID, Parkinson’s to paresthesias to POTS. We’ll look beyond the typical mainstream diagnoses so you can understand your brain and reclaim your thoughts and more in our Brain Health Module!


Why has our collection of autoimmune conditions statistically exploded over recent years? It’s no secret that our environment is full of toxins – might there be a correlation? Everything from fibromyalgia, to chronic fatigue, and unexplained joint pain can be categorized as an autoimmune condition. You’ll learn what happens to your immune system when it is overburdened beyond its capacity, as well as what is normal immune system response. We’ll go beyond mainstream concepts and explain the evolution of autoimmunity and how we treat environmental pathogens. Our Autoimmunity Module provides a deep dive to characterize your personal “bug and toxin” profile, in order to change it and recover your health!


Hormone Health

Hormones are abundant in our physical bodies and play a vital role in many ways throughout various stages of life. When our hormones are deficient or imbalanced, we can feel like our lives are upside down. Uncover the root causes of your hormonal imbalance or deficiency – we’ll look beyond the typical mainstream approach to diagnosing and treating hormonal dysfunctions, including the consideration of hormone replacement therapy, where warranted and appropriate. Our Hormone Health Module will help you learn the truth about the benefits and limitations of hormonal management or even optimization, and how you can recapture your energy and vitality, and even counter aging processes, to lead a higher quality of life!

ChronPlex Illness

Do doctors have a difficult time figuring out how to diagnose your illness? That’s because ChronPlex illnesses (chronic and complex!) can be ultra-complicated. There are so many symptoms and conditions that all intertwine. At FMCG, ChronPlex illnesses are our particular expertise. A compilation condition of sorts that intersects with most of our other modules, we can offer an explanation for the myriad of symptoms that make up this type of illness. Join us to find out what our Personalized Health Map reflects about the root causes of your condition. We are eager to begin so you can reclaim your health and wellness!

Our webinar will give you an in depth look at what makes FMCG unique in the healthcare world today.

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