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Functional Medicine Consulting Group is a Virtual Medical Practice (VMP): a unique and innovative option for patients seeking root-cause answers to their healthcare questions:  comprehensively… conveniently… and without delay. We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era of healthcare.

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Is FMCG For Me?



We provide thorough root cause evaluations at a fraction of the cost.  We specialize in patients who:

  • have received inadequate answers to date from your local PCP/specialists
  • want a treatment regimen based on “testing and addressing, no more guessing”
  • are told to have “an autoimmune condition” (non-specific: no offered specific treatment)
  • have “chronic, complex” conditions (“complicated” conditions!)
  • have been told “it’s just stress (or anxiety, or depression)”, when you know it’s not
  • need to feel heard
  • feel dismissed, or given up on
  • seek feedback and insight about information you’ve read about online, heard on podcasts, and more
  • seek help taking action on testing or treatment strategies you’ve read about online, heard on podcasts, and more

What Makes

FMCG Different? 


Our practice addresses 3 common problems for patients, to better help them heal:

    • lack of accessibility: providers who are trained and expertise in functional medicine or complex conditions are often inaccessible by location or availability
    • high costs: providers trained in root cause medicine commonly do not contract with insurance and are unsustainably costly to patients
    • lack of support: patients with these conditions often feel unheard or dismissed by medical providers, friends, or family; and/or feel that no one else really understands what they’re going through

    We offer help: comprehensively, immediately, conveniently… and affordably.

    You receive quality care from a team of forefront clinician thought leaders.

    And, you’ll feel supported by the many patients and practitioners who understand what you’re experiencing.

    How Can FMCG

    Help Me?


    We use the QYERS (“Cures”) Map

    • Quantifying Your: Exposome,  Resiliency, and Self
    • this “3 part equation” is an intuitive and simple model providing a framework for understanding your symptoms, and how to evaluate and treat you.
      • (1) Exposome (environmental exposures): our bodies harbor many bugs/infections, toxins, and more.
      • (2) Self: our immune system bears the burden of responding to these bugs and toxins, by defending us and repairing the damage done
      • (3) Resiliency (regulating the boundaries between our Exposome and our Self): the weaker our “doorways” (mostly our gut, but also our respiratory system and skin), the more our immune system  is burdened due to greater penetration by recurrent environmental exposures

    We are truly integrative – chronic conditions are due to multiple intertwining root causes, which can all be located within the QYERS Map.  By creating each person’s individual map, we have a complete picture of the root causes for his/her conditions, and avoid getting “stuck” attributing everything to one or two conditions only, despite persistent or changing symptoms.  Patients with multifactorial conditions need to be evaluated and treated from all possible angles for optimal treatment.

    Our Programs

    5 Different Modules: Gut, Brain, Hormones, Immune/Autoimmune, and Chronic & Complex

    How It Works

    Pragmatics, Schedules, Agenda and Goals


    What to expect, Savings benefits, Comparison charts


    How Patients Benefit

    Social Justice Activism and Research

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