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What is FMCG’s STACS Program?

STACS educates and empowers chronically ill patients who want to understand how to “get better, faster”.

First, we create your – Personal Health Map – the most complete data-based explanation you will have ever been presented. Second, we propose a best-practices treatment plan that takes your personal needs and preferences into account.

No matter how complicated or longstanding your illness may be, our STACS program will help you clarify confusion and integrate your test results to finally identify your personal journey to health!

Our STACS Program offers:

Better health outcomes

Personalized medical and lifestyle plans

Unique Methodology using root cause analysis

Unparalleled Patient Experience

The STACS Program: a Personalized Treatment Plan

STACS is an online immersive program for chronically ill patients who want to uncover the root cause of their symptoms and work towards better health.

When tackling a chronic illness many people are sent to specialists for every abnormal test result. This can wear on your patience and on your wallet. This healthcare experience can feel fragmented and potentially like a wild goose chase, going down rabbit holes but never finding the answer you’re looking for. Without a way to tie together your personal health story, the process can feel endless.

STACS can bypass this medical maze. FMCG analyzes a large volume of data to uncover the root causes of your illness to create an efficient and targeted treatment plan. This can save you months, if not years, of fruitless searching and various attempts at treatment.

Is STACS Right For You?

STACS is for individuals who are done spending countless hours and dollars getting inadequate answers about their current health, who have been dismissed by others and told they’re imagining their symptoms.

If you’ve decided it’s time to take your health seriously, and to value yourself enough to work with a dedicated team of professionals who believe in you and are willing to look deeper than your symptoms.

Then STACS is right for you.

Our Medical Philosophy: You in the World Today

Regardless of your illness profile, recovering your health in today’s toxic environment means working diligently in multiple areas of your life and body.

Environmental Exposures (The World Outside of You)

In today’s environment your air, water, ground, and food is polluted. Understanding how toxins can affect your immediate environment in negative ways and working to change how you interact or decrease the number of toxic instances daily is of utmost importance.

Internal Integrity (You)

Your immune system. Hormones. Micronutrients. We need these aspects of our body to be present, we want them to be optimal; but when we’re sick, it often feels like we barely have our head above water. We’ll identify where your weakness or deficiencies lie, and address them accordingly, to better respond to the environment that is causing your illness symptoms. In the case of autoimmunity, we’ll uncover strategies to balance your immune system to stop your body from inappropriately attacking itself.

Resilience (Regulation of your Boundaries)

Your gut, skin, and respiratory system hold the line against the toxic environment in which we live. We’ll take a deep dive into your gut in particular: do you have leaky gut? If so, is it the “normal” or is it the “deeper” type? Strengthening your boundaries serves to improve your body’s overall ability to build and maintain internal integrity in the midst of the caustic environmental exposures in which we live.

What You Bring to the Program

STACS is not a quick fix answer to your condition. It took months to years to take hold, and it will take some time and effort to rid yourself of it. You may be pushed beyond your comfort zone. Healing yourself requires courage, sometimes even tenacity. But most of all, it requires that you are fully invested in your own healing; showing up each day, and taking a step forward to engage in the process.

You may need to change long time habits or mindsets that have not served you well. You may need to be willing to try things that you haven’t considered before. It requires a new mindset of expectation that your health recovery lies waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel.

Our chief goal in creating this program is to provide you with the education, medical support, and community you need to take your health to the next level, whatever that next level is for you.

STACS has been designed for individuals who know that their better, optimal health is waiting for them and they’re ready to get off the dirt road and get on the highway to get there.

Everything is Online: No Travel is Required

Our entire program is based online. You can participate from anywhere, home or work.

All course materials are available on our STACS portal and our Live Sessions are easily accessed from your desktop or mobile device. We make it easy for you to join and learn no matter where you are.

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What You Will Gain in STACS

Whether you’re just beginning your journey to health or you’ve been working at it for years, this journey into the STACS programs will meet you where you are at. Our online program provides you a detailed, personalized map to direct your path back to health.


A comprehensive educational series about your illness so you more fully understand your body systems and why you’re experiencing chronic illness. We bring you the latest data from cutting edge practitioners and bring the “Cliff Notes” version to you at home. This is unlike any education you have received from your healthcare providers before.


With our reveal of your Personalized Health Map* you will have a new found clarity about the root causes of your symptoms and how those root causes tie together. We will outline a medical and lifestyle treatment protocol to light your path to healing that accounts for the identified factors in your illness. You will have in your hands the unifying narrative to your health story.


You’ll be supported by a dedicated medical practitioner, a certified health coach, and a community of members “who get you”. As we journey together with personalized treatment plans, our groups provide acceptance (towards ourselves and one another), inspiration, and reassurance that will keep you on track and believing in your own journey to wellness.

How It Works

Your Initial Consultation

Your program begins with an initial consultation with one of our doctors who will review your health profile and your program options with you. In this meeting you will have a clear picture of what lab work you will be asked to complete prior to the first session.

Personalized Learning Path

You will be placed in one of the five core learning Modules, depending on your illness. Each of the Modules contains a 3-part process that includes general education, lab and protocol review, and lessons on how to incorporate these changes into your everyday life. In addition, you’ll have access to a comprehensive library of bonus training to help you develop the skills to sustainable health.

Begin Your Journey

You will begin your program with your cohort, where you will be an integral part of a team that journeys together. You will create your goals with the guidance and insight of a doctor and begin your implementation after receiving your *Personalized Health Map.

How Does the STACS Program Work?

STACS online educational sessions are released regularly, with easy-to-follow videos, and resource sheets. You also meet on a regular schedule with your doctor and coach to uncover, create, and implement your personal protocol. All of the training is held online inside a private, STACS member only site. You will have access to a private forum dedicated to your individual group.

The Course Outline

Each module contains in-depth educational training on your health topic. These videos will give you a deep understanding that will be carried forward through the entire program. You’ll watch educational videos and review handouts to enrich your experience. You also meet with your health provider/coach in your dedicated group to discuss any questions you have, share experiences, and fully immerse yourself in your healing protocol. All meetings will be recorded and available for later viewing.

Lab Work

Lab Work is an integral part of understanding what your body chemistry tells us. Which labs you need are dependent on your condition and which core learning Module you enter. Many times we are able to use conventional labs, but there are cases when we will need to draw unconventional labs for particular diseases, or to identify potential toxins disrupting your body systems. As with any medical practice, your personal information will be kept anonymous and confidential.

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Program Reviews

I needed to say how truly grateful I am to have Dr. Su as my physician. I was afraid of getting lost in the shuffle. He remembers me. He remembers my story. I wish I had found him and spent the out of pocket money [when this first happened]. I wouldn’t have wasted 6 years of my life.

Leo S.

Before this program I didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to incorporate changes into my treatment. Doing it by myself was so difficult. With this program, I finally have a doctor to help me through it – that I trust. It makes all the difference.

Louisa E.

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