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STACS Overview

What is STACS?

STACS is a program within FMCG’s virtual medical practice that meets in a group format for better healing outcomes. We are where medicine meets mindset. Our comprehensive, lab-driven process uses science to heal, while our certified coaches train you to attain the healing mindset necessary to attain the level of health you desire.

Where are the meetings held?

All meetings are held online. That means you can Zoom in from anywhere, whether on a business trip, vacation, or at home. You will also have access to recorded sessions of the meeting if you are unable to attend. You are able to access both live and recorded sessions from any connected device, your computer, tablet, and phone will work.

When are the meetings held?

We offer groups at various times throughout the week and once the group of 10 people is signed up, we choose a time that the group can agree to. If you are not able to make one or two meetings the Zoom calls will be recorded and stored for a short period of time for viewing.

How is STACS different from other programs?

Many online wellness programs offered today are recorded classes that you complete at your own pace. They may be lifestyle-based content that teaches you how to change your nutrition or general schedule to reduce stress or lose weight.

Our program is a virtual medical practice where you watch pre-recorded educational videos as well as meet LIVE with your doctor and health team. If needed, labs can be ordered, prescriptions filled, and supplements offered. While lifestyle change is one aspect of our program you will find that the STACS programs are much more comprehensive model than many online today.

What will I learn?

The STACS program gives in depth medical information that you will not be able to find online. Our educational program is created in such a way that you will be able to finally put the pieces of your health story together to understand why your body has not been able to heal. You will leave our program with a greater understanding of your illness, and how to heal your body than you’ve ever had before.

What is not covered in the program?

Our medical model covers all medical aspects that you would usually find in a 1×1 doctor visit. Our coaching model includes the medical aspect as well as incorporating a certified health coach who motivates, clarifies, and builds a tight knit community with your individual cohort.

When does the next session start?

We do run open enrollment. When all spaces are filled in one cohort, we open registration for the following one. They run regularly and we will place you in a group that best fits your schedule.

If I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Please submit our Contact Form and we will get back to you shortly

What are group sessions like?

How long is the course, and will I have time for it?

The program is intentionally designed to deliver value to you in a reasonable amount of time for you to incorporate the learnings into your life in a sustainable way. You will have a series of educational videos on our platform, and be given online access for an additional 6 months beyond the end of the program.

When are the meetings held?

We offer groups at various times throughout the week and once the group of members is signed up, we choose a time that the group can agree to, usually weeknight evenings. If you are not able to make one or two meetings the Zoom calls will be recorded and stored for a short period of time for viewing.

How do you run the group sessions?

There is a facilitator on the call that makes sure everyone is an active member for the most successful outcome. It has been proven through research that group medical sessions are more successful in helping healing than one on one meetings with a doctor. The camaraderie and connections formed during the group interactions are a big part of our coaching program. Your participation is encouraged, though not required. You are able to submit questions via the chat function, and ask questions offline during regular weekly office hours.

How active is Dr. Su in the program, how often will I get to interact with him?

Dr. Su will participate in every cohort. He will host at least one live session and one Q&A session during your program. You will also have one doctor visit directly with him, or another doctor, trained by Dr. Su.

Medical & lab questions

How do you run the labs and does everyone need to get them?

For every module, labs are ordered before the first session meeting. You will receive an email with the labs that have been ordered for you. You can fill them by heading to the nearest hospital, Quest, or LabCorp facility. If you have recently received labs through your primary care doctor, we will review them and potentially give you a waiver for a particular lab. Although labs are not required for our program, we strongly encourage you to get them. Knowledge is power and the more we understand your biology, the better and faster we can help you heal.

How expensive are the labs?

We will provide a listing of the individual lab prices by module once you’ve been given your lab work. In general, the labs will run anywhere from $99-$500.

Do you accept health care insurance?

We provide invoices with diagnostic codes for you to submit to your insurance company, upon request. HSA/FSA accounts can also be used for payment. A payment plan is also available. We have created a health model that excludes administrative matters in order to maintain a lower cost for our programs, and we pass that savings on to you. Our programs are meaningfully less expensive with more support and attention than most any other option out there.

How do I know this program can help me with my particular situation?

Our program is built to serve people experiencing chronic illness, this includes tick borne illnesses, mold toxins, and even long-haul Covid. Our clinicians are trained to diagnose and treat complex cases.

What happens when the program ends?

Once our members go through our programs, we offer a Continuity model that can transition you at your own pace. There are regular doctor visits and group check-ins to make sure you continue to make steady progress in your healing. It includes any prescription you may need along with additional labs that might need to be drawn. There is a monthly fee associated, but you will have all eyes on your progress and the ability to check in with us as needed.

How do you support members that are having difficulty with their treatment plan?

Our medical and administrative team is available to help with technical difficulties, medical questions, and hiccups during treatment plans. Our online forum is available to post questions where our team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and certified coaches will respond regularly. We have an immediate medical contact should there be a question of urgent nature. There are also weekly office hours to answer questions about the coursework, your treatment plan, and any additional questions you may have.

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