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We offer our clients the most comprehensive, effective, and cost sensitive medical access available.

Changing the experience

We are changing the experience of patients in the medical industry; from bystanders who are examined to proactive participants involved in creating their own health.

This shift creates a cohesive community environment that benefits patients and practitioners alike, that will put health in the forefront and reinforce the importance of human relationship and community.

We are

Community Driven

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Our team of medical and coaching professionals are licensed nationwide. You will be paired with a group from your region and an accountability partner to connect with weekly.

We look forward to working with you, and helping you on your road to health.

Practitioners and Staff


Dr. Mark Su


Dr. Mark Su, a distinguished figure in the field of functional medicine, is renowned for his unwavering commitment to personalized patient care and groundbreaking research. He’s an accomplished physician with two decades of experience, earning recognition from prestigious institutions throughout his journey. After graduating as valedictorian from high school, he pursued an extensive education at Cornell University, the Indiana School of Medicine, and Tufts University. At Tufts, he was honored with the national Mead-Johnson Award for outstanding scholastic performance during his Family Medicine residency.

Since 2003, Dr. Su has been at the forefront of healthcare in the north shore of Massachusetts, offering functional medicine consultations. He specializes in complex chronic illnesses, such as Lyme/tick borne disease and CIRS/mycotoxin illness, relentlessly seeking the root causes of his patients’ conditions. Dr. Su is the founder of Functional Medicine Consulting Group, where he assembles a patient-centered team of practitioners dedicated to innovative patient care. With a mission to help “more patients get better, faster,” his contributions extend to national medical organizations, serving as the president of ISEAI, and memberships in IFM, ILADS, and AAFP. Dr. Su’s transformative approach exemplifies the power of patient-centered care and a lifelong commitment to treating the root cause of medical conditions.

Jennifer Howe

Jennifer Howe

Executive Director

Jennifer Howe, PMP, serves as the Executive Director of FMCG. With over two decades of versatile expertise spanning healthcare strategy, business management, and digital innovation, Jennifer orchestrates FMCG’s visionary approach to modernizing healthcare delivery.

Her own health journey battling Lyme disease created a deep understanding of the challenges patients face upon receiving a diagnosis. Her personal healing transformation fueled a passion to help other chronic illness patients find understanding, hope, and an accessible solution. Armed with a knack for IT strategy and marketing, Jennifer has helped shape FMCG’s innovative approach to make functional medicine accessible to all. Her commitment to personalized and empathetic care, ensures every patient’s journey is met with compassion and understanding.

Profile Image Jeff Wulfman MD, ABIHM

Dr. Jeff Wulfman


Meet Dr. Jeff Wulfman, a esteemed figure in the world of medicine with a profound commitment to healing. Graduating from Indiana University School of Medicine, he is not only a board-certified expert in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine but also a pioneer in the field of Complex Chronic Illness. Dr. Wulfman’s extensive experience extends to treating over 2,000 clients facing challenging health conditions and co-authoring a seminal article on the links between chronic infections, inflammation, and neuro-behavioral syndromes.

Dr. Wulfman’s contributions transcend patient care, as he is a fervent advocate for advancing medical knowledge. His wide-ranging lectures at conferences have shed light on the multifactorial nature of chronic illnesses, both their commonalities and uniquenesses. In addition to his remarkable practice, he has dedicated himself to mentoring and educating health practitioners, including Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, and Nutritionists. More recently, his focus has shifted towards online mentoring, where he continues to impact the lives of both clients and practitioners, reshaping the landscape of healthcare for the better. Dr. Jeff Wulfman’s lifetime of dedication to medicine and holistic healing is an enduring source of hope and knowledge for all.

Dr. Katie Zinn

Dr. Katie Zinn

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Katie Zinn, ND, Dipl.Ac. is a Naturopathic Physician who specializes in gastrointestinal health, mycotoxin illness, and metabolic conditions. With a unique skill set that encompasses Naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, and Medical Qigong, Dr. Zinn prescribes to a holistic approach to healing. She believes the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself when given the appropriate atmosphere through nourishment and toxin elimination support.

Dr. Zinn’s journey in integrative medicine began with earning her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from The University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. Complementing this, she holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture and has pursued advanced certifications in Reiki, Medical Qigong, and East Asian Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Zinn went on to complete a one-year accredited residency at the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine to further hone her clinical skills while being given the opportunity to teach future generations of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Zinn enjoys attending medical conferences to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between the body and environment, while her favorite leisure activity is spending time immersed in nature.


Katie Kenny

Nurse Practitioner

Katie Kenny is a respected healthcare practitioner with a specialization in functional medicine. Katie’s journey in the medical field began with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of New Hampshire, where her exceptional academic prowess earned her the prestigious Muriel M. Barr scholarship. With early experience as a telemetry nurse at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Katie developed a profound understanding of the importance of preventive care and acute medical interventions.

Katie’s unwavering commitment to holistic health and wellness led her to explore diverse facets of healthcare. She completed extensive training, including yoga instruction, Holistic Stress Management, health coaching, and herbalism. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, she established her own health coaching practice, empowering women to achieve their health and wellness goals. Katie’s pursuit of excellence continued as she delved into the world of functional medicine, completing her Master’s degree in nursing and becoming a board-certified family nurse practitioner. Her dedication and achievements were recognized when she was honored with the Claire Martin Scholarship by the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioners Association. Today, she brings her expertise to the Functional Medicine Consulting Group, where she offers a root-cause approach based on her formal training from the Institute for Functional Medicine. Katie’s impressive journey and dedication to healthcare make her an exceptional asset to the field of functional medicine and the patients she serves.

Angela Neal

Angela Neal

Health Coach

Angela, is our dedicated health coach at FMCG who embodies a lifelong commitment to holistic wellness. Her journey commenced during her high school years, discovering the profound impact of nutrition and exercise beyond traditional sports. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana University marked a pivotal moment, steering Angela toward a holistic philosophy in health. This philosophy underscores her belief in addressing the complete individual—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—for genuine wellness.

As a health coach, Angela’s professional path has been enriched by collaborations with pioneering practitioners, aiding women navigating hormonal imbalances through a comprehensive approach integrating nutrition, medication, and supportive group dynamics. Her expertise spans diverse life stages, fostering a deep-seated passion for guiding individuals on their wellness quests. Certified as a Natural Health Professional, Angela specializes in Body Balancing, leveraging biofeedback techniques to identify nutritional deficiencies and promote emotional well-being. Beyond her work as a health coach, Angela finds solace in nature, hiking alongside her cherished husky companion, Hazell, and unwinding on the golf course. Her aspiration is to empower individuals on their unique paths to comprehensive wellness.

Heidi Tyrell

Heidi Tyrell


Heidi Tyrrell embodies a unique fusion of healthcare and holistic wellness, boasting a rich background as a Registered Nurse (RN) and certified Yoga Teacher (RYT). With a Bachelor’s in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts and extensive training in yoga and mindfulness practices, Heidi offers a comprehensive approach to patient care. Her time at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, MA as a Medical-Surgical and Telemetry RN showcases her exceptional abilities in health assessments, medication administration, and patient education. Heidi’s commitment to excellence extends to her role as a Visiting Nurse with Angels at Home Healthcare, where she excelled in developing care plans and monitoring patient responses to treatment in diverse community settings.

Heidi also holds a deep-rooted passion for yoga which positions her perfectly for a role at Functional Medicine Care Group (FMCG), where she aims to integrate her skills in a holistic/functional medicine capacity. Her goal is to contribute to patient well-being through a holistic approach, aligning her nursing expertise with holistic wellness practices to elevate the standard of care provided by FMCG.

sara (can removed this)

Sara Miller


Sara Miller (M.Ed, B.A., INHC) began her personal quest for improved health after coming down with a series of unexplained illnesses in 2002. During her quest, she found that chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathy, eliminating toxins completely from her home and functional medicine were the best tools to help achieve total health. As a now busy mom to five kids and one daughter-in-law, she has worked as a Virtual Administrator for a variety of practices since 2018. They all use the same patient portal, so she is adept at assisting patients with the sometimes-overwhelming onboarding process.

She brings empathy to our practice, having personally gone through and battled issues with leaky gut, hormone imbalance, and adrenal fatigue…and is proud to share that she has come out on the other side of it with strength and renewed energy! Her passions include helping our patients overcome their fears and jump into their health journey with FMCG by listening to and answering questions, assisting with paperwork and answering portal messages. In her spare time, you’ll find her studying the newest wellness principles, cooking healthy food for her family and making music at her church on the weekends.

McKenzie Hurt

McKenzie Hurt


McKenzie (Kenzi) received her Bachelor’s in Health Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a focus in Biology, and Psychology, and was a member of the Women’s lacrosse team. She worked as a Secretary/Technician at Morristown Medical Center on a Medical/Surgical Step-down and has experience working with patients, families, doctors, and nurses to contribute to patient care and management. She also worked at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), both the Shadyside and Children’s hospital, to expand her experience and contribute to helping others while attaining her Master’s degree in Nursing from La Roche University. Kenzi excels in communicating with patients and healthcare professionals to have the best individualized approach to health.

With her own childhood battle of back pain and scoliosis surgery, she understands what it is like to deal with chronic pain. Now, she has a passion for staying active by running, doing yoga, and playing sports. Her empathy and compassion have allowed her to help patients through their health journey by listening and answering questions. Her attention to detail and organization gives her the ability to assist with paperwork and organize patient’s charts. Her goal is to contribute to helping others each and every day. She has a passion for health and healing, and just began her journey into functional medicine, but is excited to delve into this realm at FMCG. In her personal life, she enjoys hiking, running, reading books, and spending time with her three kittens.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Profile Image: Cory Tichauer, ND

Cory Tichauer, ND

  • Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic – Owner
  • Cornell University – BA with honors
  • National College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians – board member
Profile Image: James Maskell

James Maskell

  • Founder: Heal Community health coaching
  • Author: “Evolution Medicine”, and “The Community Cure”
  • Founder: Functional Forum (education)
  • Speaker, Podcaster
Profile Image Jeff Wulfman MD, ABIHM

Jeff Wulfman MD, ABIHM

  • Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine
  • Worked with over 2000 chronic complex illness clients
  • Certified Journey Code Coach/Mentor
Profile Image: Kristine Gedroic, MD

Kristine Gedroic, MD

  • Gedroic Medical Institute – owner/founder
  • Harvard University
  • Cornell University – internship
  • Fellow, ABFM and Integrative Medicine Board
  • Author of “A Nation of Unwell”
Profile Image: Laurie Hoffman, MPH

Laurie Hoffman, MPH

  • Founding member, IFM Board of Directors
  • Former Vice Chair, Executive Director, CEO, and Board Chair of the IFM
  • Co-Founder and partner, Ovation Lab/Virtual Practices
  • MPH: Univ of New Mexico School of Med
Profile Image: Mark Su, MD, FAAFP

Mark Su, MD, FAAFP

  • Personal Care Physicians – owner/founder
  • Cornell University
  • ISEAI – vice president
  • Author, (——)
  • Innovator of the Personalized Health Map
Profile Image: Russell Jaffe, MD

Russell Jaffe, MD

  • Clinical and Chemical Pathologist
  • Boston University School of Medicine
  • Former NIH staff member
  • ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies – CEO (1982-)
  • PERQUE Integrative Health – CEO (1987-)
  • Fellow, Health Studies Collegium (1990-)
Profile Image: Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

  • Co-Founder: TruDiagnostic
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Former VP of Business Development, TMC
  • Consultant at RMS Biomedical Consulting

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