At FMCG we understand that healthcare can be expensive. We aim to provide full transparency up front and will work with you to create a payment plan that can accommodate your own financial situation.

Our Continuity Model ensures you have a smooth transition between our program and getting your health balanced fully. We provide a 6-month model to ease that transition with monthly group meetings, an MD and your dedicated health coach.

Program Pricing

  • Medical Model: $999 (12 weeks), $1379 (16 weeks)
  • Group Coaching Model: $ 1997
  • Intensive Model: $ 4997
Model12 WeekMedical Model(8 group members)$999 (10x meeting)(2 30 min 1x1 doctor visits)$1997 (10x meeting)(2 30 min 1x1 doctor visits)$4997 (10x meeting)(4 30 min 1x1 doctor visits) Group Coaching Model(8 group members)Intensive Model(4 group members)Continuity Model(up to 12 group members)16 Week$1379 (13x meeting)$599 (6 months)
  • IC (initial consultation) is $197
  • Extra 1×1 doctor visits are: (for all programs)
    • 30 min = $140
    • 60 min = $200

Our webinar will give you an in depth look at what makes FMCG unique in the healthcare world today.

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